OMG! daring acts of cheating soldier under the radar of military for years

Sigh…the world forgot the pains of the betrayed wife and children when they ran scorning articles regarding a top ranking soldier who somehow managed to hide his 11-year affair with a bimbo and swinging parties yet managed to go home with straight face despite his OW living so close nearby.

I was totally speechless how the newspapers managed to open his OW’s mouth perhaps with $$ and the OW painted a terrible decade of debauchery, hanging out at swingers’ parties and so on under the nose of the military and his family.

Yet the disgraced soldier had the cheek to say “I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused my wife and family.” He should have known better before he went down the “road”. He should know that with his high profile position in the army, his folly would be digged to no end and exposed in every paper. How would his family especially wife be able to tolerate and hold their heads up when they run errands?

He has finally faced the MUSIC after someone has blown the lid on his affairs.

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hoo-ha over the already-adulterous couple

A week ago, the international and American tabloids ran hundreds of articles on the reportedly A-listers married couple who were already committing adultery. I was shaking head when the wife reportedly accused the husband of having an affair and child abuse.

My rationale – isn’t the wife the one who was herself an OW? isn’t it akin to the pot calling the kettle black?

No matter how much this woman had done on the humanitarian work, her history won’t be forgotten so long as articles are still circulated on the net.

Anyway, I want to touch on the alienation of affection. I am kinda saddened that it may not be upheld these days. The last one I knew was one betrayed wife in North Carolina successfully sued the OW in 2010 for the alienation of affection for a few millions. The court recorded showed that the husband walked out on his wife and married the OW. His affair was not swept under the carpet and he met his maker shortly 3 years later. Is alienation of affection still upheld in US?

Was it karma or natural cause? you decide.

is it natural cause or karma?

I have been thinking about the above mentioned point.

I have came across one last post from a blogger. I feel her pain. She revealed that her husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in November 2015. They barely began to forget about the affairs which her husband had in 2009 and moved on with new focus. Her husband had just finished surgery and radiotherapy and through some cycles of chemo. And it was a double blow to her every time they visited the oncologist – every new test reveal something and reduce the chances of recovery. No amount of apologies, tears from her husband could help.
she was wondering whether it was caused by the feelings of guilt he had been shouldered over the years.

And another very old blog post by “amistandingstill” also uncover uncanny similarity. Her husband had passed away last year or two years ago of cancer.

I am wondering whether it was worth the pain for the betrayed spouse to see to the last rites of the straying husband. I rather have the OW to see to that.

For a change, I decide to write about a beautiful love

I happened to read about a man’s endless love declaration when he wrote on his wife’s workbench. Little did he expected to pass away at a tender age of 51. At least his secret love note was discovered by his son. I believe that this note is really treasured by his wife.

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My thoughts on this HongKong adulterous couple

I was speechless when I came across this article

Apparently, the wife has been suspecting her husband for some time. And much to her devastation, the other woman was her best friend. I think she has been tracking the couple for some time or else she would not have guts to bring her friends to bash them up in the act when they were in the thick of love making.

What makes me disgusted about the couple is that the husband kept hugging the other woman while the wife and friends beat them up!

But again I am glad that this act was exposed.




I am glad that social morale is alive in America’s Grey’s Anatomy

To be honest, I am kinda put off by things going on in Hollywood or any production houses in America.  I thought there was no moral value at all in the TV world.   Bless this creator, Shona Rhimes for having right attitude on the set. This actor and his paramour should deserve to be kicked out of the set

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